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Create your own perfect home cinema with one of our tv wall mounts. Mounting your television on the wall can save space while providing optimum viewing of sports, films and your favorite tv programmes.


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All About TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

When selecting a tv wall mount, there are three types to consider. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Please review the descriptions below and contact us if you need help selecting a tv bracket.

Flat TV brackets

Flat TV Wall Mounts

Our most affordable TV bracket available on the website. If you are concerned with keeping a television close to a wall, these are the brackets for you.

They're very easy to install! The drawback of this type of bracket is that you cannot adjust it after it is installed.

Tilting TV brackets

Tilting TV Wall Mounts

This is the most popular type of mounting bracket as many customers home entertainment setup is standard with a couch across from the television. You can tilt these brackets to ensure the best viewing angle is achieved. These brackets do not swivel from side to side. If you need horizontal swivel or tilt then a full-motion TV bracket might be a better option.

Full motion cantilever TV brackets

Cantilever TV Wall Mounts

Full-motion TV brackets are exactly as they say - capable of full motion. This motion is an excellent convenience for entertaining or watching TV from the kitchen when the TV is in the living room. While these brackets give you full viewing control, they are more difficult to install. So you may need 2-3 people to install this type of bracket.

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